Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shopping for Inspiration

We took a little outing to this gem of a store in Kingston, NY. The pictures on this website don't even compare to the wondrous mountains of dusty old treasure that can be found inside the store. There are 4 floors of everything from claw-foot tubs, stained glass windows, every 1950's kitchen appliance, old wooden crates, doors of all sizes, pot-bellied stoves....Rooms so full you can hardly fit through the isles, and stacks so tall you'll never reach the top. We went looking for old door hinges for the bathroom door, or something that can be turned into kitchen cabinet doors. We ended up leaving with nothing though, maybe because of the overwhelmingness of it all. It was definitely worth the trip, and I'd love to go back with more time, and a camera!
 I love old wooden boxes and really want to do something like this table for counter tops in the bus. But I think I'll have to wait for some flea markets to find good deals on old boxes. By the way, that is a pretty awesome blog for "upcycled" furniture and stuff. They just opened a nice cafe in Northampton, MA and it's decorated with all their handmade tables and cabinets and salvaged treasures.

Not many pictures this week, so sorry.
The majority of the bus work we did, was getting it officially registered and insured, which was a BIG headache for a while there. Its a bus that is not technically a passenger vehicle anymore, a home that's not completely an RV yet, a large vehicle that's not really classified as a big truck. There are so many unclear rules and loopholes and it took a lot of work to straighten it all out. But we can officially and legally take it on the road now, so we are happy.

Also this week we cemented in the hearth stone and are still waiting on the wood stove to come in...should be this week? fingered crossed.
Frosting the Cake.
More pictures next week, I promise!
In the meantime, 10 points to anyone who knows what kind of mushrooms these are that are growing near the bus...I don't know the answer so its an easy 10 points.

And here is another food pic:

Bus tortillas, for our black bean and sweet potato burrito lunch. recipe


  1. Hey guys, Nice work! I'm converting a 24 passenger Diesel bus into an RV and just got about 20 great ideas from your blog. In particular the most excellent futon bed idea. I'm totally stealing it, after all, "Good artists borrow, great artists steal" (Picaso)


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