Thursday, March 3, 2011

Its Electric!

One month to go! We originally set the goal for April to start living in the bus because I wanted to be living full time on the land where I will be starting a farm. But plans have changed and I will be starting a new job at the Farm School ( in northern MA in April. So now we HAVE to finish the bus so we can move it to MA and start living in it before April 1st! There's still SO much to do and time is ticking....

The biggest new thing this week is the wiring. Phil wired almost the whole bus so now we have lights and outlets in the walls. No more extension cords all over the floor while we work, we can just plug right into the walls!
He put outlets under the bed too, so when we install the water tank and heater and pump, they will have a place to plug into right where they are stored.
There is a breaker box on the wall in the closet and we are still using electricity from a house, but we  plan on using solar panels eventually.

Phil used stranded wires that he fed into a flexible metal "greenfield" (empty, no wires inside) jacket. We went with this method because we don't want mice-chewed wires. And when living in a bus in the country, there will be mice!
He then cut a bunch of holes in the walls, ran jacketed wires inside, and installed all the outlets and lights.
 We used over 100 ft of the jacketed wire, and we will have about 10 lights with switches and 6-8 outlets throughout the bus.
Under the bed where the water tank will go. The water heater and pump can plug in here.

Here is the kitchen pantry in progress. I used some of the left-over 9" paneling from the bedroom to make the shelves and they are supported with scrap pieces of 2x4s. They actually seem pretty strong. Now I just need more white paint and we are good to go. Yes, we piggies need a lot of space for food. snort.

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