Wednesday, March 16, 2011

counter tops and other things

little baby garlic sprout.
     Well, the snow is finally melting and its starting to feel a little like Spring out there. I've been enjoying doing some bus work out in the sun instead of making sawdust clouds in the bus (again, we picked the wrong time of year for this, I know). And also, THE GARLIC HAS SPROUTED! We planted a little bed of garlic on this land last fall when I was planning to farm this field. I think its not a bad idea to have extra garlic planted all over the place. You never know where you'll end up and you want to be sure there's garlic there.
This is the time of year when I really can't wait to start getting my hands dirty and seeding all the vegetables we are going to eat this year!
Bus there is still a lot of work to do, so.....

 More progress with the plumbing...We are still waiting for the tank and water pump to arrive, but Phil installed the sink drains, cut and connected the CPVC to the shower and sinks, and started installing the shower head.
He also installed the kitchen and bathroom sink and made counter tops for them.

 We were given a bunch of lovely handmade clay tiles, and a small roll of copper flashing, and we have been thinking of creative ways to incorporate them into our bus. So after Phil made the counter tops, I made some back splashes using the donated goodies. I think the color and texture combination of the wood, copper and clay works really nicely together.

Polyurethane pine counter tops with copper and handmade clay tile back splashes.

How To Polish Copper: Cut a lemon or lime in half and rub it over a small area of the tarnished copper. Using medium sand paper, scrub the citrus-juice-covered copper until the clean color comes through. Wipe with a towel and then with the lime wedge again. Repeat with lime and sand paper until its all clean. Then use fine sandpaper to smooth out the scratches you made. Wipe clean and try not to make fingerprints or get it wet. Spray with clear lacquer to prevent further tarnish. Outside!
Here is the art desk at the front of the bus being worked on.
I like making little shelves. This is in the shower room by the sink.
Eats:  Trying to use up the tomatoes I froze last summer for freezer downsizing, I made lasagna with layers of home made tomato sauce with veggies, and tofu blended with garlic pesto (also made last summer and froze). 
Phil installed the oven in the bus by drilling a hole in the floor and running the hose down and out to a propane tank outside. I love our little stove, all the burners and oven work perfectly. It really was a great Criagslist find. 
I didn't make lasagna in the bus oven. but I did re-heat it in the bus oven for our lunch.

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