Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bus Living

Its actually been a few weeks since we officially moved into the bus and started living in it full time on the farm. But as farm life goes, I have been more busy with seeding the tomatoes and hoeing the strawberries than I have with blogging. Its been wonderful living in the bus so far. We have electricity, hot running water, the ability to cook meals, a cozy wood stove, beautiful custom-built everything, and an unbeatable view all around!
Since we've been living here, Phil has done a ton of work. He finished the wood floor, built book shelves, drawers and cabinets, built the shower from scratch and finished the plumbing, built the futon, and tons of other finishing touches to make our bus into a comfortable lovely home.

The wood stove
  My art desk
Art desk drawers
Book shelf made from milled lumber from the farm, and parts of the luggage rack that came with the bus.
Living room with futon/guest bed, view from the front of the bus.
Kitchen drawers made with scraps of milled lumber from the farm.

The kitchen

Spice rack
Kitchen counter
Shower room sink and shelves
 Toilet room shelves

Bedroom, view of the calf pasture.
Bedroom, with built-in storage head board/shelf.