Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bus Living

Its actually been a few weeks since we officially moved into the bus and started living in it full time on the farm. But as farm life goes, I have been more busy with seeding the tomatoes and hoeing the strawberries than I have with blogging. Its been wonderful living in the bus so far. We have electricity, hot running water, the ability to cook meals, a cozy wood stove, beautiful custom-built everything, and an unbeatable view all around!
Since we've been living here, Phil has done a ton of work. He finished the wood floor, built book shelves, drawers and cabinets, built the shower from scratch and finished the plumbing, built the futon, and tons of other finishing touches to make our bus into a comfortable lovely home.

The wood stove
  My art desk
Art desk drawers
Book shelf made from milled lumber from the farm, and parts of the luggage rack that came with the bus.
Living room with futon/guest bed, view from the front of the bus.
Kitchen drawers made with scraps of milled lumber from the farm.

The kitchen

Spice rack
Kitchen counter
Shower room sink and shelves
 Toilet room shelves

Bedroom, view of the calf pasture.
Bedroom, with built-in storage head board/shelf.


  1. Way to go, it looks amazing! That's really inspiring!

  2. Thanks! Its been a long project and we are so happy to finally be living in it!

  3. wow, looks great! I think it is a perfect size...I always wanted something like a tumbleweed..size wise. Don't be mad in a couple of months when I create a post about me doing a shittier version of your cupboards at my place...the milled lumber looks really good and we have been tossing around ideas for cupboards for months!

  4. Super! We look forward to seeing your pics! One thing this project has taught us is to think outside the box when it comes to building a home, and to use whatever free materials you can get your hands on.

  5. This is great- has your home moved at all recently? I found this just from searching online about living in buses, after doing a little research on running buses on veggie oil. I think this would make a great read for a site like Lifehacker/Gizmodo or Treehugger. Have you considered sharing your story like that?

  6. absolutely beautiful! this is my dream lifestyle.

  7. Oh wow, the interior of your bus is just gorgeous! Hope you're enjoying it!

  8. Love your blog! Thanks for posting up interior pics.

  9. SO super! I am eager to see it. Have you sent it into the Tiny House blog?

  10. Wow! I am coming back to read more!! You guys have done amazing things in your small space. Definitely added to my feed reader and I'll have to start in the archives! Great looking place!

  11. Thanks for the kind comments, everyone!

  12. Beautiful bus!! I am thinking of doing the same thing, and I was curious. What wood stove are you guys using and how is it working out for you?

  13. We have a Vermont Castings Aspen wood stove. I love having a stove in the bus, but this model is very different from the wood stoves I've used in the past and I think we are still getting used to it. Most stoves have a second door or a vent in the front that allows air in to keep the fire going. This one only has one door and we've found that we need to keep the door cracked a bit or the fire will go out. Once the fire gets up to about 500 degrees, we shut the door and it usually stays lit.
    It can only fit about 3 or 4 logs, so if we fill it and let it get really hot before bed, by the morning the fire will be out but the stove will still be warm. Our stove is in the front of the bus and the bed is in the back, so before winter comes we plan to put a fan there to help draw warm air to the back.
    So even though there are some things that we are not 100% happy about, its a good little stove and I'm happy we have it.

  14. Awesome job on the bus! Especially nice woodwork.

  15. I am moving back to MA and want to live in a bus, but I was wondering where am I allowed to park this thing and live? Do I put up an ad in CL asking for a land owner to let me park it on his/her property?

    Love what you guys did, very envious.

  16. Love this! What does it look like on the outside, the space where your kitchen is? Mine is not very aesthetically pleasing because the back of the stove is still visible.