Friday, July 22, 2011

Bus Garden

Now that the interior of the bus is basically finished, and since this bus home won't be very mobile for the majority of this year, we have been putting a lot of work into the yard around it to make it feel more like a home. After we moved the bus to its spot we began raking and leveling the ground around it and started the never ending battle with the Japanese Knot Weed. With a lot of help from my visiting school children, in just a few hours we created a few little garden beds and a path leading up to them from the road. Shortly after that we were given some sod that was left over from another project, so we put in a mini golf course too.
This garden was made by 5th graders.

That was in May. Here is what the garden looks like in July:

These pictures don't even show how out of control my calendula is. I have been cutting and drying them to make tea and salves.
And we are still battling the Knot Weed, but we just got 2 goats on the farm and they have been helping by eating all the Knot Weed and everything else we don't want!


  1. holy crap that grass grows fast!hehe..looking good..and love the custom benches! ;)

  2. Thanks, my plan is to re-upholster those old bus seats so they can be nicer looking garden benches.

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