Thursday, March 10, 2011

Water and oil

This is the driveway to get to the bus. It's 2 feet under water! I tried wading through but the water was too deep for my rain boots and I didn't want icy wet feet all day.
 The water will go down in a few days though, so hopefully the bus won't be trapped here. Otherwise we may have to revise our design for a house-boat-bus.

In other water related news, Phil finished most of the electric work and he started plumbing. We are going to use CPVC pipes and we ordered the fresh water tank, pump, and accumulator. So far we just have sink drains installed, but more on that later, when we actually have something to show....

I made some more progress on the walls. Sanding and oiling the bedroom and bathrooms. We are using boiled linseed oil only. I like the natural look of the wood, and the oil really brings out its beauty without drastically changing the color or making it too shiny. This is also a much less toxic way of treating the wood, which makes me happy.

Here is the bedroom doorway, with temporary light fixtures. The wall on the left has a coating of linseed oil and the one on the right hasn't been oiled yet.

And here we have the almost finished composting toilet room.

I took a trip to the ReStore in Springfield, MA and got some funky old light fixtures. I'm not sure if we will use all of them or not, but its a fun store to shop at. All this and a toilet seat for under 17 bucks (not including the cat, who just can't resist a photo shoot).

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