Tuesday, February 1, 2011


 Another cold and icy week working on the bus, but at least it was sunny!

 We started framing the walls for the bathroom(s).
Because of the weird linear bus space, we'll have a shower room and a separate toilet room, and a hallway in between them. 
Screwing into the ceiling was quite a challenge. We broke at least 4 drill bits, a few drywall screws, and even the self tapping ones were difficult going in!

Framed so far: bed in back, two rooms on either side with a hallway in between.
I have been working some days by myself, while Phil is at work. Usually he will show me how to do something (like the framing) while we are working together, then I can continue on my own. There is no way I could be doing this all on my own, with my very little knowledge of building things. Yesterday a neighbor came over to say hi and check out the progress.
Gareth: "So you must be the carpenter in the family"
Me: "oh no, I've never built anything before, actually I dont even know what I'm doing."

But I managed to frame out the room on the right alone, with much frustration and many broken drill bits.

Bus Meal of the Week: Mashed sweet potatoes, black beans and brown rice, steamed kale...and lots of hot sauce, with vegan buttermilk biscuits and hot tea! Good eatin'!

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