Tuesday, February 15, 2011


THANK YOU so much, Stacey and Brian! You guys are awesome! Your old walls are now becoming our new walls, and we are so happy with how they are turning out! We really appreciate all the beautiful wood paneling you donated to the bus!

So, we finished almost all of the framing, and we spent most of the weekend putting up the paneling on the walls. Making templates for the ceiling and walls of the bus is ridiculous and takes forever! And so is cutting each piece of wood and sanding it to fit in place. And it doesn't help that the bus' shape isn't consistent, so the templates don't always fit in places other than where they were made. But despite the slowness, we think the walls are coming along quite well so far.

Here is some of Phil's crazy cutting skills.
I'm so glad we only have to do this in a few places.

Bathroom walls.
Bedroom walls. Its starting to feel a little like a log cabin in here.

Bus Meal of the Week: Roasted butternut 
squash lasagna with creamy sage and 
garlic sauce. We were so hungry we 
scarfed it before I could get a photo. 
But here is a pic of my peanut butter- 
chocolate shortbread cookies. 

Purchase of the week: We got an oven! Its so little! 
only 20 inches wide. We found it on craigslist 
and it was a great deal. Its gas, so we can use 
a propane tank mounted under the bus for fuel.

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