Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Framing. Framing. Framing.

The bus is no longer level, the bus walls are not quite perpendicular to the floor, and it seems like no measurement is consistent throughout the bus, yet we managed to get a lot accomplished with framing the walls this weekend!

 Left photo: inside the bathroom cabinet with the wheel well boxed up.
On the right: Studs on the floor.

Here is one of the kitchen counters where the sink will go. 

A box over one of the wheel wells. This is where the closet will be.
The bathroom cabinet and counter where the sink will go.

    Here is most of the frame work we finished. Way in the back is the bed. On the left is the shower room, followed by the kitchen counter with sink.  On the right is a room for the toilet followed by the closet (with the boxed in wheel well). There will be another kitchen counter after the closet.
We also started to cover the insulated walls with plywood under the windows, and partially covering the windows where counters will be (The windows are 30 inches from the floor, and the counter tops will be 36). We're almost ready to start putting up the walls!

Bus meal of the week: Spicy curried chickpeas with roasted winter root vegetables. Chocolate chip cookies for dessert!

For all the tiles, plywood, and screws. We really appreciate it!


  1. Your home is looking SO AWESOME! Jim & I can't wait to see it!!!

  2. Thanks! We are so excited about it and I really can't wait to start living in it! We'll be sure to come visit you when we take it out on a road trip.