Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Walls: Week Two

     Framing is officially complete! Phil framed where the hearth for the wood stove will go (we still need to get the wood stove). We also got the stone for the hearth, and just set it down where it will go for now. Phil also made the frame for the futon and framed the huge art table/ computer desk that will go in the front of the bus.
     We spent the majority of this week on the walls, trying to get as much paneling finished as possible. We finished the bathroom walls, and the kitchen walls, and the bedroom is finished for now. There are just a few small places that still need paneling. I started making shelves and sanding edges of walls too. Everyday I get completely covered in sawdust! I really enjoy sanding and making everything smooth, but I cant wait for woodwork to be over.

A view from the front of the bus: On the left will be the art table, and on the right will be the futon. Both are just framed so far. Also, you can see our flooring stacked up there on the left. Its 6" unfinished yellow pine, T & G.

Walls, Kitchen counter, mini-fridge
Here is a pretty crowded work shop. Power tools and cords all over the place. But the walls almost finished!

I am not a carpenter, and I sometimes get impatient with the boring early stages of building things. I can't wait to do the nice detailed work, and I want to see something finished! We don't have a lot of time to spend on these things now, but I just had to put some shelves in! So here are my toilet paper shelves, built into the wall in the bathroom. The bottom part is a compartment for holding sawdust (which we are saving by the bucket load!) and will have a hinged lid. This is for the composting toilet.  I have to say, I am quite happy with how this tuned out, since its pretty much the first thing I ever built.

Lunch: Orange-glazed tempeh with shredded carrot. Israeli cous cous with tomato sauce.

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