Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Insulating the Walls...In Sub Freezing Temperatures.

  Well, it was 4 degrees on Sunday morning and warmed up to about 11 by afternoon. It's been well below zero the past couple of nights. It still looks like 2 feet of snow on the ground and another storm is predicted in a couple days. It was even so cold that my camera didn't want to take many pictures. We definitely chose the wrong time of year to tackle this project. But with our Spring deadline just around the corner, we bundle up and hammer on.

Propane heater to the rescue!!!
This thing really puts out some heat. You can't see it from the picture very well, but it is shooting flames in that cannon. Shooting Flames! Within a few minutes, we could feel the heat at the back of the bus.

Today we finished putting insulation in the walls. We had to cut some screws inside the walls using a sawzall then we used the same insulation (1 & 3/8 in. Tuff-R) that we used for the floor, and cut squares that would fit in the space below each window. then stuffed 'em in. We also removed the heater that was in the back of the bus. It was just in our way and won't really be needed anymore. This required some wiring and re-wiring under the hood.

BUS LUNCH: We thought a HOT meal was a in order for this very freezing day. Propane heated vegan chili and hot chai, with chocolate pound cake for desert. Yum! Its our first "cooked" meal in the bus.

....And then it got too cold for my camera! But we also cut the last piece of plywood that went near the driver seat, so now the sub-floor is completely finished(except for the stairs). We also started framing out where the bed will go. Its nice to be building things, and to start seeing things come together.

Some new pics...

Sub floor near the driver's seat.

Framing the bed with storage underneath.

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