Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Insulation and Sub Floor

     For the sub floor, first we put down 2x4s that we cut in half the long way, and screwed them right into the metal bus floor, on top of the tar paper. We used Tuff-R rigid foam insulation, 1 3/8" thick, and cut it into pieces that would fit in between the floor joists. Amazingly, The 4' piece of insulation fit perfectly on our bus floor when we spaced the 2x4s the way we did! Little cutting and no waste!

Then we cut down the plywood to fit the width of the bus, and put it on top of the insulation, and screwed them into the floor joists.  Easy as that!
Putting the plywood sub-floor in.
Finished sub-floor!

I could really feel the difference the insulation made as I was working. It was freezing outside and I was actually pretty warm working inside the bus with no heat at all!

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