Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Taking out the bus walls

Floors gone. Walls going too. Will there be anything left?
 On Monday, while Phil was at work, I did some more bus work and cut off the bolts holding the aluminum walls together. We wanted to get in there and take out that nasty old fiberglass insulation to put in some more efficient insulation. It appears that the aluminum siding goes under the windows (we are not exactly sure yet). This looks like it might require taking each window out to remove the aluminum. Too much work! I use the angle grinder,  my new favorite tool, and cut each piece a couple inches below each window. Later we can insulate and just put the new wood walls on top, so the aluminum won't be seen.
This is a piece of the aluminum wall peeled back after the bolts were cut off, and in the top corner you can see that it looks like the aluminum goes under the window. 


I'm cutting off the bolts on the walls. I'm also melting holes in my gloves and knee pads!
Here is one wall all cut, showing the old insulation. (And we also taped out some possible floor plans the night before. Very helpful for visualizing, in my opinion)
End of the day. All aluminum removed and insulation taken out.

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