Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Beginning

     "It's really happening!" was my younger brother's response to my text, "WE GOT A BUS!". Yes indeed, its really happening! For 5 hours, I followed Phil on the highway while he drove the big white beast from where we bought it in New Hampshire ( to its new home in New Paltz, New York. All I could see was white as snow was falling all around the white bus as we drove through the night.
      We parked it in a field belonging to a friend of my family's.  I was given permission to start my own farm in this field in the spring. That will be a whole big project in itself, but for now we have the winter to turn this bus into a home.We have a lot of work ahead of us!

     This blog is intended to track our progress with the bus and farm, to share pictures and stories with friends and family, but we also want it to be informative for others who are taking on similar projects, as we have found other sites and blogs helpful for us. We love to hear feedback and will be happy to answer any questions about construction.

Thanks for reading!

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