Sunday, December 12, 2010

Getting to Work

Step One: Get those seats outta there!
     We want as much room as possible in the bus so we get started removing the seats right away. We were really happy about the fact that our bus has little rust on the floor so we started removing the bolts by hand. This required me to be on the floor with the screw gun on each bolt, and Phil under the bus holding onto the nut so I could unscrew it. This was working pretty well, except when we came to one that was blocked by a piece of metal underneath the bus. After several minutes of unscrewing the visible ones and skipping over the hidden ones to come back to later with the angle grinder, Phil decided we should just take the grinder to all of them. So that's what we did. Sparks were flying as I went down the rows of seats unscrewing the seat cushions and bolts holding the seats to the wall, and Phil cut all the bolts on the floor. All together it was less than a full day's work to remove all the seats. No problem at all! And just look at all the bus treasure we found! Bunch of rowdy, candy eating, little pirate children!

Phil with the angle grinder
Phil removing seats.
All the seats are out!
Seats piled high outside the bus.
Arrrr! Found me some bus treasure!


  1. What are you going to do with the seats?

  2. We'll just take the seats to the dump. Unless you want them! Any ideas? I want to keep 2 to re-upholster and have as out door seating for summer dinner parties.

  3. Aye Aye Matey! Pirate children know what sort of booty to hide...may you always find treasure in this new venture....keep 4 for dinner parties....